Cold emails that convert.
Processes that simplify.

It's time to up your outreach game. No more friction. No more time wasted. Just conversion-creating cold emails.

What can HypeMail do?

  • Connect to any email provider simply through SMTP
  • Domain verification / Bounce detection
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Messages sent from your email + replies come to your inbox
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Cold email platform that people love.

  • 24/7 Support- Whenever you need it
  • Community- Talk with other cold emailers and learn what's working for them
  • Help Library- FAQs, videos, articles. Tap in at any time
  • Pre-Built Templates- Save your templates. Use whenever you want
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“What used to take hours now takes minutes. I never thought cold email could be so easy."

Devan Baucom

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